Troubled Woman Commits Suicide

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5 Responses to Troubled Woman Commits Suicide

  1. Zidore Mestitel' says:

    That’s rin right??
    You changed your style!!!

    • rinandkagura says:

      Are you talking about the woman in the paper or the person reading it? xD Reading it is definitely Kagura. See the pigtails?

      Yep, different artist! And it’ll change again. Unfortunately, our artist had a very short-lived experience with us as she got overwhelmed when school started back up. Our fingers are crossed that she’ll come back! This is another student who couldn’t agree to come on with us, but did help us with this post. =]

  2. KelseyAnne says:

    That artist for this one is great! Really like her style; super realistic :DD

  3. Zidore Mestitel' says:

    The artist is super rinkagu but I associate the characters of old with the drawings of the past!Please get the old kid back?!!he drawings of the past!Please get the old kid back?!!

    • rinandkagura says:

      It’s not up to us sadly. :/ But our old artist is welcome back any time she wants to. =]
      It’s kind of funny to hear you say the “drawings of the past” though since she only did one comic for us. xD We’ve had a different artist for every single drawing we’ve done so far! We’ll get someone to commit… eventually… 😛

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