We Are Freelancers

What is your favorite part of your job?
Rin: Kicking somebody’s ass.
Kagura: I get to be a NINJA! Dunu dunu dunu dunu BATMAAAAAAN!!!

What is your specialization in your work?
Rin: The ass-kicker.
Kagura: I’m the smart one! =D I plan everything. Rin would be completely lost without me! She puts all the information together and then needs my amazing intellect to weave it into a brilliant operation! I don’t know what she did before I got here. Walk right into enemy traps, I expect… get caught before she even got across the threshold… poor girl… I really brightened her life!! =D

What’s the most dangerous mission you’ve ever accomplished?
Rin: Living with Kagura.
Kagura: One time, I had to steal Rin’s diary. It was for the good of the mission, I swear! But that was… scary. She came home and found me eating cookies on her bed flipping through pages… so painful….

You travel a lot for your work. Do you wish you were more stationary?
Rin: No. In our profession, you can’t remain in one place. Rival freelancers, law enforcement, victim’s families – there’s always someone who would like to see you dead.
Kagura: Mmmm… sometimes. It’s hard to keep friends when you’re always on the run, you know? The only people I see on any kind of “regular” basis are the other freelancers within our organization when we do joint ops. But it is cool to always be meeting new people, going new places, experiencing new things – and you never know where you’re going to end up next!

Do you ever wish you had a normal life?
Rin: No. But I do wish I could go back to the brief period when I was freelancer before Kagura barged in.
Kagura: Are you kidding me?! This has been my dream since I was little girl! I mean, after the pony and the astronaut and the pick-pocket and all that. I’M A SUPAH SPYYYYYY. ❤

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