Kagura’s Talent

Bloopers from Kagura:

Vocal Talent: Rin Takaya – Catherine Chen; Kagura Watase – Diana Santos

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7 Responses to Kagura’s Talent

  1. Zidore Mestitel' says:

    No offence but kagura’s speech is a bit over the edge.Give it cuteness not weird.Wish that were a video.Thanks again!

    • rinandkagura says:

      None taken; thanks for the input! Kagura is supposed to be very over the edge though – like a 12 on the crazy scale. We would love to do an actual video, but that requires animation… of which we know nothing. o.o

  2. Zidore Mestitel' says:

    Naw I mean that’s all otay and all that-I mean the crazy.But you know I think the story needs her to be a kind cutesy girl right?That’s what I infer ne-hoo.
    Why don’t you develop her on those lines?I’m no one to order you around,it’s your story (and isn’t it nice!).Actually I’m one of those kinda people myself!I’ll associate,see?!
    Oh BTW if you need help on weapons and tacs I can help.I’m a big time firepower fanatic!Will be glad to be of service!Sorry for the looooong msg!Bye-nee!

    • rinandkagura says:

      No apology necessary. Long messages are the best. =D

      Kagura is actually very well developed – she and Rin have been running around in our brains since their initial inception seven years ago. All we’re doing is revealing her to you. 😛 She is supposed to be cute, but more than that she lives in her own world and is an individual. She doesn’t care what others think about her because she enjoys her life to the fullest, and she knows most people don’t, so she doesn’t take their criticism to heart. She is what she is, not what anyone says she’s supposed to be.

      As far as relating to her goes, I think it’s awesome if you can, but she may be a little too out there for most people. 😛 Maybe that’s why Rin is the fan favorite. Regardless, she’s much more comical as she is. If we took out the craziness, she just wouldn’t be Kagura.

      I’ll keep your offer in mind for the weapons information. Since we are not firepower fanatics, we don’t know too much that’s factual. We’d likely be doing a lot of research or just making stuff up. xD (We’re trying to keep it realistic here, but you never know…) Thanks!

      • Zidore Mestitel' says:

        Pity about the book.I really need help! >,< (I named this smiley kuggie!)
        @Kagura:You have planned it YEARS ahead!Wow!Now that's commitment!I am bowing to you right now and as you read this!Gambatte!!

      • rinandkagura says:

        Well, not this plot, but these characters. =] They were originally formulated in a Naruto RP (can you tell from their photos? :P) and we only recently had the idea of throwing into a real world scenario. The plot we’re figuring out as we go. The characters are set in stone. =]

  3. Zidore Mestitel' says:

    Cool.Keep it up!

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