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9 Responses to Invitation

  1. zidoremestitel says:

    Please don’t be Seshsama…please dont…please don’t…
    And don’t stop!!!!

      • Zidore Mestitel' says:

        Well…There’s rin and Kagura-so all that’s left is Lord sessh right?!
        I’m so happy somebody is doing some off-beat stuff on this line.Hope you keep doing this!

      • rinandkagura says:

        We had a feeling you were an Inuyasha fan referring to Sesshomaru, but better to ask and be sure. xD It isn’t Sesshomaru, no, but it is a bishonen. We’ll say that much. 😛 Thanks for the kind words – we intend to keep it up for as long as possible! =]

  2. Zidore Mestitel' says:


  3. Zidore Mestitel' says:

    Yaaay!I love the awesome out there with guts the size of jupiter!Am one of the kine ‘swell!
    I wanted to write a book but I need a writer…Could you help??

    • rinandkagura says:

      At this point in time, we really can’t. Consider that R&K’s last post took me nine hours just to put together – that’s not including recording time. This thing takes up way too much of my life, haha! We appreciate the thought though. =]

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