Rin walked out of the Pheonix Enterprises, LLC building confident that she had gotten the job as Carl Davis’s secretary after his previous one had… mysteriously vanished. There was no way she wouldn’t get hired. After all, her resume was flawless and her interview was perfect – not to mention that she had made sure no one else applied for the job.

Rin reached into her pocket to retrieve her cell phone, about to text Kagura to let her know that the plan was succeeding perfectly. On her cell phone screen, however, it showed that Kagura had been desperately trying to reach her teammate for the past two hours. If the 42 texts didn’t prove it, the 18 voicemails did. Rin was suddenly very grateful she’d remembered to put it on silent for the interview. With an impending feeling of dread, she flipped through the text messages.

[2:11 pm] Rin! Where are you?
[2:12 pm] Ok, so I’m assuming you’re leaving the house in my care. =D No reply means yes!
[2:12 pm] I’m hungry. I’m going to cook!
[2:13 pm] Rin, is the fire supposed to be on the INSIDE of the pot? O.o;
[2:15 pm] Ok, so I called the fire department. They said they’ll be here soon.
[2:16 pm] Don’t be mad but I think we may need to relocate.
[2:18 pm] You can’t blame me, really. It’s your fault for demanding that I watch over the house against my will! You should’ve responded to my texts!!

“Not again….” Rin muttered, unable to look at any more texts. Disregarding the voicemails, she called Kagura, who picked up on the first ring.

“OH EM GEE, RIN! GUESS WHAT?” Before the raven-haired girl had a chance to reply, her teammate continued, “I made soup! I intended to make chicken fried rice but it somehow turned into carrot, pea, mush, and what I think is pork soup. I dunno what happened to the chicken… but come home soon! The fire chief and I can’t wait for you to get here and try it! It’s gonna be the YUMMIEST! Oh, and by the way, we have a cat now.”


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