The Basics

How long have you two been friends?
Rin: We’re not.
Kagura: Like 293487293749327332 years!!

What do you think of each other?
Rin: She’s an idiot.
Kagura: She’s obviously not as cool as me, but then again, can my awesomeness really be matched? Rin’s quite jealous of me, you know. She’s angry that I get all the boys! I tried to teach her how to flirt once, that was a disaster. She scared the poor guy half to death; he somehow thought she wanted to eat him! He’s in a coma now. Crap! We haven’t visited him in a while…

Who was the mysterious man on the phone?
Rin: He’s our boss. I don’t know his name. We’ve never actually met him, but he assigns us all of our missions.
Kagura: He’s Mr. Fluffykins! I don’t really get to talk to him though. Rin’s always afraid I’ll make him angry somehow.

Where is your family?
Rin: I don’t have any.
Kagura: In Tokyo! My brother’s a big time doctor over there. I taught him everything he knows. =D

What were your occupations before this?
Rin: I was a waitress.
Kagura: I’ve been so many things, it’s hard to keep track! I think it all started when I was four. I was a princess, an astronaut, a firefighter, a policewoman, a pony, an actress, a singer, a dancer, a ninja, a musician, a doctor, a pick-pocket, and a thief of men’s hearts!

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