Meet the Team

Rin Takaya is a level-headed soldier.  She is logical, arrogant, and keeps to herself.  She became a freelancer at the age of 17 when she was noticed by a recruiter for her exceptional talent.  She specializes in physical combat, from infiltrating a targeted location to martial arts.  Her goal in life is to be the best at what she does and successfully complete every mission assigned to her.

Kagura Watase is an emotional whirlwind.  She is impulsive, irrational, and exhibits generally bipolar behavior.  She became a freelancer at the age of 19 when she accidentally imposed herself on one of Rin’s missions.  Despite her typical erratic mannerism, she specializes in psychological strategizing.  Kagura’s dream is to try every flavor and combination at 31 Baskin Robbins.

Vocal Talent: Automated Voicemail – Brett Hayes; Kagura Watase – Diana Santos

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